Service Routes

1. S/E Asia → India/Bay of Bengal (and return)
At least one shipment to east/ west coast of India every month, and shipment to Bangladesh’s Chittagong every 1~2 months. (7,000~12,000 DWT)

2.China/TWN → India/P.G. (and return)
One shipment each month from China/Taiwan to Persian Gulf. (20,000~30,000 DWT)

3.S/E Asia ←→ China/TWN
Very frequent trading within Singapore/Japan range. (7,000~30,000 DWT)

4.China/TWN → Red Sea/Med. Sea (and return)
China/Taiwan to Red or Mediterranean Sea on irregular basis. (20,000~30,000 DWT)

Main Cargo of Carriage

General Cargo Carrier:

1. Wood Products
2. Steel Products
3. Structure/Project

Handy Size Bulk Cargo Carrier:

1. Bulk/Ore: Iron Ore, Chrome Ore, Pig Iron, Mill Scale
2. Bulk/Bag Meal: SBM, RSM, GSM, WBP and other Non-IMDG Seed Expellers
3. Bulk Mineral: Bauxite, Bentonite, Feldspar, Urea and Limestone
4. Bulk/Bag Agri-Products: Sugar, Maize, Wheat, Barley and Rice